When it really matters, we know you want news you can count on. The Brownsville States-Graphic, the weekly newspaper for Haywood County published every Wednesday, provides you with local, factual, timely news.  That’s why we’re here.

    Presenting our hometown with worthwhile information is serious fun. We should know, we’ve been involved with news reporting here since 1978.

    On-line readers consider our website www.statesgraphic.com a virtual daily because we add news to the site almost every day, produce a daily newscast you can listen to with the click of a mouse and offer a weekend newscast summarizing the top news stories of the week.

    Our goal is to connect the people of Haywood County to the events that define our lives. We share the stories of the people we represent and the journey we’re all on together with integrity and clarity.

    We’re a small team here at the Brownsville States-Graphic, but we’ve got a big vision and even bigger hearts for our community.

    The Brownsville States-Graphic is owned by Brownsville Publishing Company, which is wholly owned by Wireless Group Inc. Wireless Group, founded in 1978 by Lyle Reid and Carlton Veirs, also owns WNWS-WTBG (Brownsville Radio).

    A subsidiary of the company published the Brownsville States-Graphic from 1984 to 2000 when it was sold.  In 2015 Brownsville Publishing debuted the Brownsville Press and in 2017 bought the Brownsville States-Graphic and merged the two newspapers.  In November 2023, the publishers decided to publish under the historic name, Brownsville States-Graphic.

    Wireless Group also owns Exact Marketing, a digital marketing firm producing ad campaigns for businesses, ad agencies and other media customers in its local markets and across the United States.

    Wireless is the former publisher of Mid-South Hunting & Fishing News and Fishing Tackle Retailer, the country’s only business-to-business magazine serving the tackle industry, The Fishing Wire and formerly owned several AM and FM radio stations in West Tennessee.